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Mentoring for Teachers

    The goal of Mentoring focuses on the needs and requirements of Hatha Yoga teachers from any tradition who wish to augment their skills beyond the basic instruction offered in traditional yoga teacher training programs. A wide range of topics may be addressed, including:
    • Principles of Postural Sequencing
    • Principles of Postural Alignment: The Real vs. The Ideal
    • Creative Sequencing
    • Principles of Pranayama
    • Guiding & Sequencing Pranayama beyond the Basics
    • The Bandhas
    • Postural Adjustment Techniques
    • Restorative Yoga
    • Modifying & Adapting Postures
    • Breath-Centered Yoga & Movement Dynamics
    • Creative Use of Props
    • Teaching Themes & Issues
    • Language & Communication
    • Refining Your Observation Skills
    • Risk Management & Classroom Safety
    • The Art of Being Teacherly
    • The Inner Environment of the Yoga Teacher
    • Getting Out of Your Own Way
    • Spontaneity vs. Structure
    • Constructive vs. Deconstructive Teaching Style
    • Developing A Personal Presentation Style
    • Teaching Mixed-Level Classes
    • Teaching Individuals with Physical Limitations
    • Establishing Classroom Rapport
    • Thinking on Your Feet
    • Assessing Your Growth as a Teacher
    • Advancing Your Own Practice
    Private Customized Instruction Only

    For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Ellen at 973-226-4455.